MARCH 10, 1960

Bill Vosel, 26, Cambridge, rolls 777 series at Zane Lanes.

MARCH 10, 1970

Keith Simpson is named assistant dog warden for Guernsey County.

MARCH 10, 1980

Prosecutor James Scott announces Gerald Willey of Randolph has been charged in connection with last summer's Holiday Inn fire.

MARCH 10, 1990

Caldwell High boys basketball coach Tim Tolzda has been named coach of the year and Barnesville senior Matt Powell player of the year in District 12. Tolzda is in his second year as the Redskins' coach.

MARCH 10, 2000

The Cambridge Bobcats celebrate their sixth district title in the past 12 years following a dominating 57-22 victory over Buckeye Local. The Bobcats will play in the regional semi-finals at Athens.