President Trump juts out his chin and puts on a stern, decisive face for the cameras. He announces imaginary policies that never materialize. Or many that do, and create cruel and needless suffering. He tweets fairy tales and false accusations. Yet still he claims "tremendous success, tremendous success!"

Unfortunately for us, the man is detached from reality and lives in his own house of mirrors. He has built his presidency on lies, denial, half-truths, and in a word, BS. Now he is facing one of the most serious crises of his presidency, one which is aggressively marching across the globe. But president Trump has long since proven that he has no grasp of truth and scientific fact. Or of how to provide calm, measured, truthful leadership to a worried nation. Nothing this president says can be believed anymore. Truth and untruth blur together in a confusing haze. His credibility is zero.

Now Trump has assigned control of his disinformation campaign to yet another man, VP Pence, who has also consistently shown disdain for basing policy decisions on rational, factual science. But reality does not proceed on momentary whims and midnight tweets. This latest crisis, and all the others of this presidency, will unfold with or without this president's delusional ramblings.

So it is up to each of us to remain calm, seek the real facts from multiple sources, and act accordingly. And to hope and pray that this rudderless president, and an otherwise spineless majority in Congress, will somehow help us muddle through.

Jim Tucker, Kent