SEPTEMBER 16, 1958

Cheerleaders for the Byesville Falcons this year are: Kay Lawrence, Betty Milton, Judy Perkins, Linda Shepard, Janet Morris, Rilla Palmer, Pam McMurray and Sarah Griffith.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1968

Madison High School sophomore class officers are: Ben Cutlip, president; Leslie Lyons, vice president; Joyce Orr, treasurer; and Sherry Chambers, secretary.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1978

The gymnasium at the Caldwell High School was declared unsafe because of rotten wood and termite damage at one end of the gym floor.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1988

Sherry McElroy, a senior in the Meadowbrook High School Occupational Work Experience Program, was named "Employee of the Month" at the Cambridge Bonanza Restaurant.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1998

Seventy-nine year old Walter Young, Barnesville, is the oldest harness driver at the Guernsey County Fair. Young, who has been racing for 53 years, drives every race himself and trains his own horse.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2008

Cong. Zack Space (D-Dover) recently nominated Debbie and Gary "Tut" Turner as a 2008 "Angel in Adoption" for their outstanding advocacy of adoption and foster care issues.