Diana E Kriedman, to Alisha J Heiman and Jared R Letty, 1065 Bryce Ave, $150,000

Lorena Denison, to Thomas T and Hannah M Foster, 1111 Bryce Ave, $127,000

Pugsley Robert H L of Trust, to D & K Cambridge Invs LLC, 431-8 Chandler Dr, $180,000

Timothy J and Jamie Keyes, to Benjamin and Katherine Fuller, 548 Fox Run Trl, $540,000

Banc Timothy R Family Trust, to Banc Timothy R Family Trust, 290 Pine Ct, S, $275,000




Charles D and Amanda L Palmer, to Kyle M Rexroad and Antonia N Santoro, 1477 Cherrywood Rd, $115,000

Paul B and Kendra Sentelik, to Adam R and Jamie R anderson, 2837 Congress Lake Rd, $178,650

Haddad Family Trust, to Travis S and Shelby R Mull, 3548 Keswick Dr, $105,000

Robert C and Theresa M Morris, to James R and Jennifer E Winning, 5256 Meadow Park Dr, $246,000

Ryan Homes, to Michael and Michelle Finan, 4799 Gooseberry Knl, $242,200

Sheriff of Portage County, to Carl and Dawn Vasil, 2159 Meloy Rd, $138,000




Patrick A and Laurie A Burns, to Luketic Properties LLC, 6194 Rock Spring Rd, $120,000

Mark A and Andrea D Presley, to Marcus W and Ann M Schlegelmilch, 6209 Rock Spring Rd, $280,000




Wesley and Gail Risher, to Deborah R Wilkins and Shelia F Hedrick, 205 Hawthorne Dr, $63,000


Franklin Township


Richard D and Marsha J Marthe, to Denny A Deberry, 2244 Iraquois St, $51,500




Sheriff of Portage County, to Us Bk Na Series 2016-ctt, 9661 State Route 88, $90,000




John E Balogh, to Benjamin J Farries and Alyssa N Abel, 8025 French St, $140,000




Marco and Christina Iafano, to Russell F and Amanda M Novak, 780 Admore Dr, $245,000

Edward L and Theresa S Morrow, to Michael T Bowen and Jennifer Lattur, 737 Avondale St, $169,750

Ciccone Margaret Trust, to Bridget Stuntz, 402 Harris St, $73,000

Kimberly J Feeley, to Paul F and Amber M Veverka, 597 Longmere Dr, $135,000

Deutsche Bk Nat 2007-br5, to Stewart-hawes Group LLC, 220 Robert Dr, $37,500

Holly Gwathney, to Eric A Oakley, 432 Rockwell St, $133,100

Myers Nancy L Living Trust, to Tris Crisp, 445 Wolcott Ave, $99,000

Sheriff of Portage County, to Deutsche Bk Natl Trust 2006-ff4, 222 Harris St, $26,667




Erin R Mcconnell, to Melanie A Huston and Matthew W Barlow, 4508 Wayne Rd, $1,040,000

Sheriff of Portage County, to 3619 Mennonite LLC, 3619 Mennonite Rd, $107,500

Sheriff of Portage County, to Deutsche Bk Natl Trust Co 2007-7, 5457 Mennonite Rd, $100,000




Arrowhead Construction LLC, to David L and Karen R Hall, 4490 John Thomas Rd, $195,000




David J and Sarah E Gray, to Kyle B and Amanda M Yoder, 5321 Waterloo Rd, $212,000




Portage Cmnty Bk, to Rod A Ehrhart, 248 King St, $39,000

Sheriff & Portage County, to Us Bk Na Series 2016-ctt, 672 Lake St, W, $100,000


Ravenna Township


Sheriff of Portage County, to Robert Jones, 6677 Garfield Rd, $75,000




Arthur W Everly, to Cameron P Higgins and Brittany S Smith, 3814 Cook Rd, $160,500

Panchadsaram and Khamrajee Arumugasaamy, to Kim A Paulus, 3938 Marsh Creek Ln, $145,000

Reginald J and Zelma G Riddle, to Brian K and Heather R Lucas, 4464 New Milford Rd, $129,900

Kim A Paulus, to Mark T and Rose M Paulus, 5471 Tallmadge Rd, $129,000




Ronald and Sherry L Kramer, to James M Bokshon and Amber C Harley, 2935 Denny Rd, $108,400

Newport Emmett H Trust, to Ronald and Sherry L Kramer, 2935 Denny Rd, $85,000

Paul E Moore, to Joseph S A Maria and L S Tina, 4313 Dudley Rd, $250,000




Jeffrey S and Patricia English, to Michael O and Alicia S Thomas, 9319 Hickory Ridge Dr, $119,000

Susan M Smith, to Kristen L Lapeus, 9389 Hickory Ridge Dr, $130,000

Russell D Wagner, to Robert G and Bonnie L Mayfield, 9160 Page Rd, $229,900

Mark D and Lindsay M Adair, to Lisa A Baber, 252 Victorridge Dr, $325,000

Sheriff of Portage County, to Brian and Diane Poston, 9196 Briar Dr, $40,000

Sheriff of Portage County, to Shirley M Sharpless, 1019 Fronek Dr, $115,200




Structured As Trust 2007-osi, to Tradewinds Dev Group LLC, 9532 Community Rd, $23,683

Sheriff & Portage County, to Wells Fargo Bk Na Trust 2004-do2, 9925 Short Dr, $55,334