NORTH CANTON  The city of North Canton is looking actively for a new home for the city’s post office.

During the Feb. 26 council meeting, Councilman Daryl Revoldt said the lease for the current location on North Main Street will be up soon. He said the post office used to employ a lot more people than it now does, and that he is working with North Canton Chamber President Doug Lane to find a new location.

The post office is looking to downsize to a 1,500 to 2,000 square-foot space that would allow for it to house post office boxes and a main counter.

Lane and Revoldt said several sites throughout the city have been explored with the intention to find a location on Main Street on the north side of the city.

"The problem is the post office doesn’t want to own it (a building)," Lane said.

Lane said ideally the post office would be in a standalone building. He also said many of the vacant properties, the owners want to sell the properties and not lease them. Lane said that fact makes the search difficult.

"I don’t want anyone thinking North Canton is not working on this," Lane said.

Revoldt said he believes if the facility leaves, it won’t come back.

He thanked Lane for the work he has put into the search and said the city is open to any suggestions.

Councilman Mark Cerreta said it is important the new location has easy in-and-out access.

North Canton Mayor David Held said the post office has a fixed amount it is willing to spend for a lease. He said the new location would be more like a retail store with a maximum of two employees.

"It is going to be much more scaled down," Held said. "They are just looking for a presence in North Canton."

Councilman Dominic Fonte said he is going to reach out to some possible property owners and see if he can assist in the search.

Lane is the primary point of contact for the project and can be reached at 330-499-5100.

"Once we lose this, should we lose it, it’s gone," Revoldt said.

Lane also said the owner of the post office building is looking to sell the property. He said there has been some interest in the space already.