NORTH CANTON  The city of North Canton is taking a closer look at which intersections motorist are or aren’t permitted to turn right during a red light.

City Council approved the changes during its Jan. 22 meeting, which will impact several intersections. Director of Administration Patrick DeOrio said changes haven’t been made in decades, but the city wanted to survey the intersections where right on red turns are not allowed and also look to see if there are any other intersections in the city that are hazards.

DeOrio said two intersections are being added to the list that will not allow turns on red and one intersection is being removed.

The intersection of North Main Street and 7th Street Northeast will now restrict turns on red for eastbound turns only. Also, the intersection of South Main Street and Schneider Street Northeast will now restrict eastbound turns only too. Both changes are for Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The intersection of Charlotte Street Northwest and Hillcrest Avenue Northwest will allow turns on red for eastbound and westbound turns only.

"Charlotte and Hillcrest will see a reduction in signs as conditions have changed over the years," DeOrio said. "There is no longer a school there. The other two intersections are additions to the list and are being added for public safety."

To be added to the list, the city looks at certain criteria that could be impactful to the driver such as sight distance to the left, the geometry of the intersection and pedestrian impacts.