GREEN  Another grocery store is coming to the city of Green in the coming months.

ALDI plans to construct a 22,000 building on 2.3 acres at the northeast corner of Massillon Road at Town Park Boulevard. The project is part of the Union Square Planned Development District, which was approved in a concept site plan by city council in 2012.

The project first went before the Design Review Board where some concerns were raised about materials to match the neighboring Akron General Building. After further review, the materials used for the store will match very closely with Akron General. The Design Review Board recommend the project to move forward to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed and approved the project in October. Commission member Robert Chordar raised concerns about a proposed double row of parking in front of the building, which would go against the concept site plan.

"It seems to me that should be honored," Chordar said. "This is the front door to the development."

Following a lengthy discussion, the commission recommended to remove the first five parking spaces in the northeast corner of the site and provide green space in this area. The five spaces would be shifted to the rear of the store along with four spaces on the east side of the site would also be moved to the rear of the facility.

The entrance to the store will face Massillon Road and the building will consist of a mix of reddish brick and tan block on all four sides. These materials will be broken up by dark gray columns.

ALDI has a system that requires customers to pay a quarter to unlock a shopping cart and then once the cart is returned, the quarter is returned. The store uses this system in place of a cart return. The parking lot will consist of 90 total spaces for customers.

Access to the store will be from the main entrance from Town Park Boulevard. There will also be an entrance on Massillon Road, but it will only allow for a right-turn only exit. Landscaping will consist of trees around the perimeter of the site and a buffer of shrubs around the outer edge of the parking areas. Indian Magic Crabapple Trees will be planted along Massillon Road and Town Park Boulevard, which was part of the original concept plan for the land. These trees have fruit that remains during the winter and will not be a maintenance issue. Other trees planned for the site are a Zelkova Tree and several pine trees. 

Lighting will consist of light poles around the perimeter of the parking area and within the parking lot islands. There will also be lights mounted to the building.

ALDI would not comment on specific questions posed about the new store, but Corey Stucker, Hinckley Division Vice President for ALDI provided the following statement:

"At this time, we don't have any updates regarding a potential new ALDI store in Green, but we will be in touch if we have information to share at a later date."

The store is expected to employee 12 to 15 employees.