I just got back last night from a week long road trip to Ohio with daughter Robyn and grandaughter Kristine. We drove over 1,000 miles. The trip up was hard on Kristine who gets car sick on straight, flat roads. This adventure took us on winding roads through the mountains. Her doctor had prescribed a new medicine which turned out not to work as well as old-fashioned Dramamine.

Today I am getting caught up on laundry, paying bills, cleaning out the refrigerator and not talking to anyone. The Man of the House wisely went off to have his weekly breakfast with his hiking buddies.

I am talked out.

On our trip up, we left our house at 7:30 a.m. and arrived at the Dalton Dairiette at 6 p.m. where we were greeted by the owner Dan Davis. I had a delicious hamburger and cherry milkshake, just like I remember it.

Robyn went to visit her dad and stepmom at the farm the first three days. I spent my time at my friend Marcella’s where she gave me the spa treatment. We gabbed from early morning until late at night — making up for lost time. We covered every topic we could think of and solved many of the world’s problems, in our opinion.

She took me to my choice of restaurants for lunch — Rebecca’s Bistro in Walnut Creek one day, and The Hero House in Wooster another day. I was thrilled to eat at both places since we do not have anything where we live that equals either of these.

The only things I missed eating on this trip were peanut butter pie and cream sticks from Der Dutchman Bakery in Walnut Creek. Maybe the next time.

The last three days were spent in Granville at son Alan’s (Robyn’s brother). They have four cats now. One older one (Joby) that lives upstairs because she is shy, a young one (Toothless) that grandaughter Sarah took home with her when she moved back from Texas, and two stray kittens (Ralph and Alice) that were to be only "temporary."

We spent one evening at grandaughter Katie’s house in Newark where we were entertained by their three dogs. After a dinner of brats and delicious corn on the cob we made s’mores at their fire pit. The weather was perfect.

Daughter-in-law Kris made pizza one night and spaghetti another. Twice we walked down to Whit’s for frozen custard. The last time I ordered two scoops of vanilla in a waffle cone, which was a big mistake. I could not keep up with the melting as we walked back home and was dripping with custard all over the place. One scoop in a cup would have been sufficient.

Our trip home was much better for Kristine since we drugged her up with Dramamine and took a less crooked road for the most part. We stopped at my sister, Nancy’s, in Waverly where they entertained us with their newest kitten (Sunshine) and took us to lunch at Burger King since it is a favorite.

The Man of the House stayed home alone and was kept company by the wildlife in our backyard. He said one night there were 10 deer, including two fawns. He called me a few times to find out important things like "where are you?" I had not written anything down, which was a mistake. He also needed instructions on how to use our laundry facilities since we have a different washer and dryer now.

I notice he did not starve while he was on his own — even though hardly anything in the refrigerator had been touched.