While the morning coffee brewed, I attempted to look out my back windows for a glimpse of a hot summer morning. Normally I like to attempt to notice the little things before the hectic day starts — the birds at the feeder, the state of the bean plants, and how green everything seems to get. Usually, it’s lovely and serene. Today, however, was impossible and cloudy. The back windows were all coated in a fine, foggy layer of humidity.

My son has stated many a time that if he could kill two things it would be mosquitoes and humidity. (I’m thankful he didn’t mention his sisters.) I can’t say I totally blame him, because our outdoor-loving lifestyle is plagued by both of them. It seems during July, if we’re not scratching, we’re sweating. Often we’re doing both and bug spray is running into our eyes and we’re daydreaming about leaf rakes and snow shovels and thinking that January has its definite perks.

But July has its perks, too. And yes, I’m even talking about the humidity. Because even though most people spend time complaining about it, I find that doing so, like so many things in life, does no good for anyone involved. So instead of reminding everyone about the bad things about humidity, I’ll point out the good. Because finding the good in things just seems like it makes life a better place to be.

So here goes.

Humidity is great because … When I don't really feel like fixing my hair and it looks like I fell asleep with a wet head and wore a sombrero all night and slept in a headstand position, I can simply blame it on the humidity. "This weather!" I say. "Just can’t do anything with this hair."

Humidity is great because … When it’s super humid, I can save money because no one in my family has dry skin. In fact, our skin never looks better, if you look past the bug bites. Moisturized, full and plump, and a glossy, youthful shine from the constant sweating.

Humidity is great because … We use fewer tissues for the bloody noses that my genetic line unfortunately gets all winter long. And any day without a bloody nose is a day to celebrate.

Humidity is great because … When the air is so heavy and it feels like you’re trying to breathe inside a bowl of boiling water, it just means the sky is going to let loose and cooler temperatures are on the way. And before you know it, the humidity will be gone and you can comfortably sit outside again, swatting skeeters.

Now if only I could find something good about them.