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  • Top Hoover Students Honored

  • Students with a 4.325 GPA or higher were honored at the Summa Celebration.

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  • The Second Annual Hoover High School Summa Celebration, recognizing,seniors with a cumulative GPA of 4.325 or higher, was held on Tuesday, March 20 at the Lodge at Fieldcrest in North Canton.
    The school district uses a fixed GPA for honors designation because often only a fraction of a point separates the top achievers.
    There were 53 students who earned the summa designation. The dessert buffet and celebration was sponsored by the Hoover Sideliners, with support from Attorney Gerald L. Baker.
    Gretchen Leckie-Ewing headed the committee that organized the event.Other committee members included Melody Brown, Laura Heckathorn, Lindsay Johnson, Nicole Makowski, Wrenn Nicodemo, Flo Rankin, Barbara Tarantino, Christopher Triner and Tiffany Walker.
    Each Summa honoree chose two educators to recognize at the event.
    S u p e r i n tendent Michael Gallina opened the evening with a challenge to the students: “Be significant in someone nelse’s life.”
    Students had the opportunity to take the stage to thank parents for support, and describe how their honored educators impacted their lives.
    In closing, Principal Anthony Pallija praised the students’ accomplishments and thanked the honored educators for “going the extra mile for our kids.”
    Summa Honors Students and their Honored Educators
    Parker Adams  - Mrs. Joanne Damico, Mr. Jack Bunnenberg
    Evan Arnold - -Ms. Jan Heighway, Mr. Chad Saylor
    Melissa Bentler - Mrs. Paula House, Mrs. Mia Thomas
    Jeff Berner - -Mrs. Maria Wackerly, Mr. Steve Wood
    David Botschner - -Mrs. Phyllis Varrati, Mr. Matthew Johnsen
    Cole Bukowy  - Mr. Travis Ackerman, Mr. Chad Saylor
    Allison Busby  - Mrs. Sara Steigerwald, Mr. Chris Triner
    Hannah Christ  - Mrs. Joanne Damico, Mrs. Ann Sowd
    Kelly Crowl  - Mrs. Elizabeth Geckler, Miss Tiffany Walker
    Kelsea Daniluk  - Mrs. Joanne Damico, Miss Susan Schilling
    Nathan Deems  - Mrs. Joanne Damico, Mr. Mike Luther
    Amber Diano  - Mrs. Joanne Damico, Mrs. Wrenn Nicodemo
    Bryce Dimit  - Mrs. Mary Renner, Mr. Nick Plazak
    Michelle Eriksen  - Mrs. Erica Rhodes, Mr. Jim Hinton
    Miranda Fabian  - Mrs. Laura Blandine, Mr. Darrell Woods
    Jenna Fisher  - Mrs. Lynn Weber, Miss Susan Schilling
    Anne Flaherty  -  Mrs. Joanne Damico, Ms. Deb Wiley
    Emily Haueter  - Mrs. Laura Blandine, Mrs. Kristen Scheetz
    Greg Heinle  - Ms. Jean Klee, Mr. Ron Varn
    Emily Hoff  - Mrs. Joanne Damico, Mr. Jason Kirkland
    Maree James  - Mr. Greg Hobe, Mr. Andy Rankin
    Emilee Kotnik - Mrs. Jennifer Edmunds, Mrs. Janet Baran
    Meghan Lee  - Mrs. Sara Steigerwald, Mrs. Ellen Varn
    Courtney Legget  - Mrs. Trudy Novak, Mrs. Tina Cindea
    Page 2 of 2 - Ellen Linter  - Mr. Robert Hutchinson, Mr. Steve Wood
    Max Loutzenheiser  - Mrs. Kim Kobzowicz, Mrs. Carol Couch
    Jasmine McNenny  - Mrs. Kathy Paquette, Mrs. Gina Mogus
    Sarah Mills  - Mr. Dennis Roden, Mrs. Gina Mogus
    Dylan Moats  - Mrs. Tamara Ledgerwood, Mr. Chris Triner
    Mara Nickel  - Mrs. Darlene Howald, Mr. Jeff McCann
    Cristina Ocrainiciuc  - Mrs. Joanne Damico, Miss Kelly Rostedt
    Catherine Pachmayer  - Mrs. Tracy Young, Mr. Andy Rankin
    Matthew Partridge  - Mrs. Rama Reese, Mrs. Tina Cindea
    Kathyrn Pelini  - Ms. Amanda Medley, Mr. Glenn Cummings
    Samuel Rakocy  - Mrs. Christy Frye, Mr. Steve Wood
    Heather Ramsey  - Mrs. Kim Testa, Mrs. Carol Ann Eastman
    Adam Reese  - Mrs. Kathleen Harhager, Mr. Jim York
    Adam Robinson  - Mrs. Betty Fulton, Mr. Jeff Kreis
    Andrew Rojek  - Mrs. Marylin Hlass, Ms. Missy Stertzbach
    Brooke Roman  - Mrs. Nina Vessalo, Miss Susan Schilling
    Salman Safir  - Mr. Steve Wood, Mr. Charles Collier
    Tyler Sarver  - Mr. Jim York, Mr. Ryan Schaffer
    Emily Saus  - Mr. Jason Kirkland, Mr. Glenn Cummings
    Logan Sisca  - Mr. Guy Bertram, Mr. Steve Wood
    Morgan Staples  - Mrs. Kristen Scheetz, Mr. Chris Triner
    Christopher Stuffel  - Mrs. Debbie Farrah, Mr. Chad Saylor
    Anne Szendrey -  Mr. Mark Moorhead, Mrs. Carol Green
    Bianca Tan  - Mrs. Elizabeth Geckler, Mr. Andy Rankin
    Cassandra Thacker  - Mrs. Karen Perez, Mr. Nick Plazak
    Samuel Wakser  - Mr. Nick Gamble, Mrs. Wrenn Nicodemo
    Megan Winafeld  - Mrs. Pam Polt, Mrs. Lindsey McCann
    Clinton Yoos  - Mrs. Lenora Krueger, Mrs. Rachelle Oglivie
    Taylor Zhang  - Mr. Tom Fladung, Mrs. Gretchen Leckie-Ewing