LAKE TWP. Voters decided to shake up the Lake Township Board of Trustees by electing two new members, according to unofficial results from last week's General Election.

Starting in January, new trustees Steve R. Miller and Jeremy D. Yoder will replace four-term trustee Ellis Erb and three-term member Galen Stoll.  Robert A. Moss was serving as interim fiscal officer and was elected to continue serving the township.

Miller and Yoder are longtime friends and attended Lake Local Schools together. They ran a joint campaign that included developing a parks department in the township as part of their platform. This is the first time both candidates have run for office and will be the first time they have served.

Miller is the owner of Rembrandt Homes. He is married to wife, Holly, and they have four kids that all attend Lake Local Schools. Cierra is 17, Koby is 14, Taelor is 13 and Braidon is 11. Miller said he and Yoder were tapped into the community and knew the hot issues facing the township.

"Jeremy and I ran a good campaign that included holding two public events where we met with people from the community," Miller said. "We also used Facebook, put out numerous yard signs and we sent out mailers. Part of what I would like to do in the next four years is look at how we can better utilize some of the facilities and park areas and develop more walking and bike trails. We also want to increase the transparency when working with department heads and collaborate more with the school district and others in the community."

Yoder was born and raised in the township and is the fourth generation of family living in Lake. He’s married to wife, Claudia, and has a daughter, Sophia, who is 14 and Caden, who is 12. Both attend Lake Local Schools. He works in sales at Amgen which is a biopharmaceuticals company.

"I wanted to run because I feel and many residents feel that there are many ways and opportunities to move the township forward," Yoder said. "We have one of the top schools in the state. There are many developing economic development opportunities with the building of the Hall of Fame Village. Plus, I believe there are opportunities to create a parks and recreation department so that we can develop more parks and recreational opportunities for socialization for our youth, families and seniors living in the area."

Both said that it’s important to collaborate more with the school district. It’s also a top priority to create a higher level of transparency with stakeholders, the community, the department heads and local businesses.

Yoder said that by the size of the win for both he and Miller, the community is ready to move forward and look at growth opportunities.

"I was confident we would win because we ran a good campaign and got input from residents on what the township should be doing. I want to thank all of those who put their trust in me. We’re both excited about getting started. I think residents will see a more vibrant community in the next four years," Yoder said.

Miller also thanked everyone who supported his efforts and said he is excited to get started on serving the community and implementing many new ideas.

Other issues/races

Voters re-elected Lake Local School Board Members Jennifer Anderson, Derrick Bailey and David C. Poling. While Issue 15 for sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages for Aldi, 1250 W. Maple St, and for Sunday sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages, passed.