LAKE TWP.  Nolan Pastore, a sixth-grader at Lake Middle, has a love of writing. At 11 years old, he’s written stories for friends as gifts and his writing talent has been recognized by teachers.

One teacher, especially.

His fourth-grade elementary teacher, Theresa Warnick, believed he had enough talent to apply for the Scholastic Kids’ Press Corps.

And, she was right.

Nolan was recently selected to join the 2017-18 Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, making him the only "kid reporter "from Ohio selected to join the other 20 students between the ages of 10 to 14. The students selected hail from across the U.S. and other countries. The total number of students in the Corps, including returning members, is only 44.

"We are proud of Nolan being selected as a kid reporter," said Lake Middle School Principal Brian Reed. "We celebrate all of our kids’ successes and we like to think that we have contributed to their accomplishments. Nolan comes from a good family and one of our teachers recognized his gifts and as all of our teachers do, fostered those gifts be encouraging him to apply for the Scholastic program."

Since the announcement was made in mid-September, Nolan has received writer’s guidelines from the Scholastic editorial team in New York City to help him with writing news stories. He’s also received an official Kids News Press Corps polo shirt, lanyard with identification, business card and reporter’s notebook.

"I personally like writing stories about people, unique people make unique stories," Nolan wrote in an email interview. "I’ll be writing stories that take place in my area about people, places, things and events. I’ll send the stories to my editor and she’ll put them Scholastic Kids Press Corps website or possibly publish them in Scholastic Classroom magazines."

Brittany Sullivan, from Scholastic, said Nolan’s assignments will be to provide age-appropriate, high-interest news stories for Scholastic to help his peers gain an appreciation for quality journalism.  Scholastic hopes his fellow students will better understand the world and current events so they can become well-informed community members and voters.

Storylines will be "news for kids, by kids" with coverage of current events, breaking news, entertainment stories and sports events from their hometowns and on the national stage. Their stories appear online at the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website at and in issues of Scholastic classroom magazines, which reaches more than 25 million students in classrooms nationwide. 

Nolan would like to be a novelist after graduating high school. His favorite author is Gordon Korman and his favorite book is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," by Roald Dahl.

"I feel fiction is my favorite type of writing. Being a novelist is the best fit for that type of writing," Nolan wrote.

Nolan was chosen after completing a lengthy application and review process by Scholastic. The editors at Scholastic selected this year’s Kids Press Corps team after reviewing more than 400 Kid Reporter applications, a record-breaking number of entries.