NORTH CANTON  Residents in North Canton have been waiting for Pav’s Creamery to open at 708 St. Main St. all summer. A big sign covers the front windows stating it will open the summer of 2017.

Pav’s co- owner Nik Pappas is working hard at trying to keep that promise to North Canton. He said the current plan is to be open by Sept. 21, the last day of summer.

"This is the first location we’ve opened in a refurbished building, all of our new locations have opened in new facilities," Pappas said. "The building was pretty much a shell and we thought it would be an easy flip. This location was a retail store and converting it to a food service business has been more complicated than we planned. We’ve had to replace plumbing, heating and air conditioning, flooring and electrical to bring the building up to code to make it an eatery."

Pappas said he is fully committed to getting the location open. He believes the North Canton location has the potential to be more successful than his Green location.

The eatery will be 2,400 square feet with seating capacity of 44 people. Pav’s serves ice cream treats, including adult milkshakes with different types of liquor. This location will also serve food items.

Pappas said the liquor license approval for the North Canton site will be on the November ballot for North Canton residents. He wants residents to know the location will not be a bar. The liquor license is needed so the store can make its adult shakes. He’s been talking with residents to let them know what the plans are for the license.

Just a few of the delectable flavors include Nuts Over Coconut, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Chocolate Cake, Caramel Chocolate Pecan, Black Forrest Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pecan Pie and Dark Chocolate Peppermint. Adults will find a variety of adult shakes such as Strawberry Mimosas, Spiked Egg Nogg Shake, The Drunken Monkey and Cherry Whiskey Pie.

"The feedback from the community has been so encouraging and understanding. Everyone wants us to open. While we may have missed the 2017 summer season, we’re committed to being here for many more summers to come. It’s a perfect location in a perfect community," Pappas said.

"On behalf of all of us from Pav's, we thank everyone for their patience as we work towards our grand opening. We cannot wait to open our doors and share with North Canton what we've worked so hard on over the past several months. Sweet things will come to those who wait," he added.

According to the website,, Pav's has been making homemade kustard, hard ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbets in Akron for over 45 years. Founded in Portage Lakes, Pav’s Creamery was originally built as a Tasty Freeze in the early 1950s. Robert Pavlik (a.k.a. Pav) later purchased the creamery in 1969 and decided to change the name over to his childhood nickname, "Pav’s".

In 1978, Bill and Claire Micochero purchased Pav's from Pavlik. In 1994, their daughter Michelle purchased the creamery from her parents and to this day it is still owned and operated by her. Pav's prides itself on making delicious, homemade artisan ice cream in small batches.