NORTH CANTON  It was a typical late-June summer evening for 8 year old Jordan Thompson. That was until he was in bed trying to go to sleep and around 10:30 p.m. and he heard a noise outside his bedroom window.

When he looked out to see what was going on Jordan saw his 74-year-old neighbor, Sandy Capper, laying on the ground and calling for help. He immediately went into his parent’s room and told them what he saw. The three of them went out to help Capper who had broken both wrists and her left foot in the fall. She also had a head injury and the left side of her face turned black and blue.

"I can’t remember all of what happened but I do remember taking the trash out and letting the dog out, the last thing I remember is shutting the door," Capper said.

Capper was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015 and took radiation treatments. Since taking the treatments, she has moments where she loses her balance and even blacks out at times. She believes that evening she fell off the stoup and landed on the ground next to the sidewalk.

"I remember waking up and having a hard time breathing. I started yelling for help but I had difficulty yelling loud enough. I eventually got my voice louder and thankfully Jordan heard me from his townhouse. I call him a hero but he doesn’t think he is," Capper said.

Capper said she could have been laying out on the sidewalk between her townhouse and the Thompson’s until 5:30 a.m. when Shawn Thompson (Jordan’s dad) leaves for work if Jordan hadn’t heard her and went for help.

Jordan said that he considers himself a helper and that he did what he was supposed to do by helping someone in need.

"I don’t think I’m a hero, I think I’m a helper because I saw Sandy needed help and I got my mom and dad to go help her," Jordan said.

Jordan’s mother, Elizabeth, said that the day was really hot and that Sandy may have been tired from the heat. She said the two townhouses share a sidewalk and that their townhouse was closest to hers.

"My husband and I went outside with Jordan to help Sandy up and she was confused, so we went to get her son and then he called an ambulance," Elizabeth said.

Sandy said her dog sat with her the entire time and was licking her face when she woke up. She was in the hospital for three days and was in a rehabilitation facility for one day before coming home. Her recovery is progressing.

The cast on her left foot that went all the way to her knee was taken off recently and she has splints on both of her wrists. She broke the foot along the fifth metatarsal. She’s had surgery on the left wrist and is waiting to hear if she needs surgery on the right wrist.

This is the first time she has ever broken a bone. Most of the pain has come from the broken wrists. She said there has been very little pain with the broken foot.

"Jordan came over and signed all of my casts and I kept the parts that he signed. He’s been a great helper since the accident. He helps me take out the trash and helps me bring in groceries and I give him an allowance for helping. He will forever be my hero," Capper said.

Jordan started third grade this year. He said math classes are his favorite and he also likes writing classes. The biggest lesson he learned from his summer experience is to look out the window every time he hears a noise in case someone else needs help.