NORTH CANTON  The new school year at North Canton City Schools starts Aug. 23, 2017 (ends on May 31, 2018) and Superintendent Jeff Wendorf said staff and teachers are ready to welcome students.

Wendorf said there were only a few changes made during the summer. One update students and parents may notice is the new pavement around the high school, commonly referred to as the bus loop.

Last year’s administrative staff and teaching staff are returning for the new school year. Wendorf said the district has a great team in place and they are all ready and waiting for school to start. The district is planning to build on many successful initiatives started in the last few years.

"We had several successful initiatives in place last year that we’ll be building on this year, we’re planning to continue implementing our strategic plan, working with our C.A.R.E. teams and the All In grant and continuing professional development for the staff," Wendorf said. "Over the next few weeks, a levy campaign committee will be working on a plan to inform the community about the specifics of the levy that will be on the ballot in November."

The C.A.R.E. team is designed to assist students and their families with nonacademic barriers they are experiencing. The team includes teachers, administrators and staff from multiple community agencies such as law enforcement, mental health, alcohol and drugs, and other social services.

The All In: Ensuring Success for ALL Students Straight A Grant program is meant to promote awareness and appreciation for every student regardless of their diverse learning needs. It’s meant to implement rigorous learning experiences for every student in order to get them career and/or college ready.

"We’re planning to expand the All In initiative to our middle school this year. One of the reasons this has been so successful in the district is that we’ve had student teams help bring awareness of diversity and other issues affecting students," Wendorf said.

Wendorf said professional development for staff and teachers will continue this year with the theme of "High Expectations."

"Teachers from all grade levels will be participating in the new school year in professional development seminars and other learning experiences. Professional development opportunities will occur both in the district and outside of the district where our teachers learn with teachers from other districts," he said.

Another item that is somewhat new is the recently redesigned website which was launched last spring. Wendorf said students and parents can find the school calendar and lunch prices detailed on the website at

"Residents will also find the "Facility Master Planning Project" listed under the District tab on the opening web page. Other items of interest would be school forms, menus and many other items that parents will want to know about the district for the new school year," Wendorf said.