NORTH CANTON  Journalism students from the Newspaper Production program at Hoover High School brought home many individual awards at the annual Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA) state conference held in March at Kent State University.

Rachelle Ogilvie, the program’s journalism teacher and advisor, said the 65 students in the program range in grades from freshman to seniors. The class is dedicated to publishing "The Viking Views" magazine every five to six weeks.

"Students or staff in this program bring home many awards year after year and they include writers, photographers, designers, copyeditors and editors who all strive to publish a high-quality, professional publication," Ogilvie wrote in an email interview. "My staff takes the ethical principles of journalism very seriously. They publish to inform the masses on real issues. They are meticulous with the process from brainstorming of the next issue to the distribution date. Students in the class get a year’s worth of preparation to sound journalism practices because they are required to attend a year-long course called Journalism."

Ogilvie is the teacher for both Journalism I and Newspaper Production. She’s always excited about working with the student staff on the publication and speaks highly of all of them.

"To them, it’s more than just a byline or a photo credit, it is the time invested in informing their readers and relating the stories. It’s their respect and love for the journalism field, their dedication and perseverance and their desire to tell the real story that earns them such high recognition," she wrote.

The OSMA competition offers workshops and conferences to further teaching aspiring journalists. Ogilvie wrote that the purpose of the competition is to recognize individual, group, and all-staff accomplishments for the dedication and work put forth.

Individual/group competitions include writing, photography, design, online and advertising among others. The competition is not solely limited to newspapers or newsmagazines; there are numerous categories that recognize accomplishments in the yearbook and broadcast fields.

"Students working on "The Viking Views" cover all aspects of reporting such as hard news, features, OP-ED, in-depth series, entertainment, sports and personality profiles. They also work with photojournalism, by telling the story through the camera's lens, in the form of photo stories," Ogilvie wrote.

In addition to the individual awards, "The Viking Views" itself received a first-place ranking in the Overall Newsmagazine competition. Plus, senior Jamie Landers won state runner up for her Journalism Education Association "Journalist of the Year" individual portfolio.

"Jamie Landers is a true journalist. She always seeks to inform and recognizes the necessity for a modern journalist to possess the knowledge of different platforms such as broadcast, online and print. Jamie serves as managing editor for "The Viking Views" and has reported both hard news and feature stories, as well as in-depth pieces, entertainment stories and sports articles," wrote Ogilvie.

In the months leading up to the Journalist of the Year competition, Landers created a digital portfolio highlighting her work as a journalist. In addition, she is also a photojournalist, oftentimes taking her own photos when covering a story.

Landers also is active in the broadcast journalism program at Hoover, hosting her own show, "In the Spotlight," as well as anchoring (in rotation) the daily, student-run broadcast of HVTV News. She works with North Canton City Schools' Channel 11 and The Mobile Storyteller and is involved with School Video News ( She also writes for the local Our Town publication serving the North Canton community.

"I am exceedingly proud of my staff. From brainstorming to distribution, every decision is theirs. This staff truly reflects the definition of a "student-run" publication, and they deserve complete recognition," Ogilvie wrote. "They know the work they put out there is more than holding themselves individually accountable; in addition, their works represents the staff of 'The Viking Views' as a whole, Hoover High School and the North Canton community. Believing this fully, they always act with the highest sense of ethical journalistic standards and professionalism."