LAKE TWP.  The Uniontown Fire Department has recently put two new Lucas CPR machines in service.

The CPR machines perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, automatically allowing first responders to provide effective and continual chest compressions on cardiac arrest patients.

Assistant Chief Derek Shaffer said all of the 35 full and part-time firefighters/EMTs/Medics received training on the equipment in early February before putting them in service.

"The CPR machines deliver perfect CPR when they are applied properly, we’ve already used the CPR machines on three calls this month," Shaffer said. "We received a "Safety Intervention Grant" from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation to help purchase the machines."

The CPR machines cost $28,967 total for the two and the grant covered $20,259. The fire department paid the remaining amount.

Shaffer said the machines allow patients to receive continual CPR while being moved from a location to the ambulance. He said it is also safer for the EMTs and medics because they often have to stand in the ambulance to keep giving CPR which becomes a danger if the ambulance is involved in an accident.

The machines deliver 100 compressions which is considered the standard CPR rate. The department will be demonstrating the machines to the public during the annual pancake breakfast on May 13.

Uniontown Fire Department responds to 900 calls a year using three ambulances. Shaffer said the third ambulance is used as a backup when one of the other two are receiving mechanical service.