PLAIN TWP.  Diners enjoying their lunch at Gervasi’s Bistro restaurant Dec. 17 got a special visit from the most sought after man of the season, Santa Claus. St. Nick’s social calendar is filled this time of the year, but he found time to visit patrons at Gervasi for the first three Saturdays in December.

He spends much of late November and December visiting children and adults at local churches, retail stores, restaurants and social gatherings around the area. Many families invite the merry old man in red and white clothes into their homes for a special visit with friends and family.

Santa said he hears many requests for Christmas gifts from both children and adults. He also hears whether they have been bad or good.

"Some adults will ask for a new car while most of the kids will ask for toys they’ve seen advertised on television," Santa said. "I can tell when someone wasn’t as good as they tell me because they hesitate to answer when I ask if they have been bad or good. It’s ok because everyone is good at Christmas."

Santa said the most requested toy this year is the "Hatchimals," where creatures are hatch out of polka dot eggs. Even with all of the social events Santa does through the season, he said he’s ready for the big night.

"I’m ready for Christmas Eve and can’t wait to start delivering gifts around the world. The reindeer have all been exercising to get in shape and should be ready to fly," Santa said.