LAKE TWP.  Residents living in Lake Township may notice something different about five of the snow plows on the township trucks this winter. The snow plow blades have been painted in colorful creative scenes by students from Lake Local Schools.

Students from all of the buildings in the school district spent several weeks getting the plows painted. Close to 200 elementary, middle school and high school students participated in the arts project.

Superintendent Kevin Tobin said, "It was a fun and exciting project for the students that also had several learning components and it was a collaboration between the Lake Local Schools and Lake Township which the district is always interested in working with others in the community."

The idea came from the township’s road superintendent Dan Kamerer. He read about a similar project in Ohio in a newsletter published by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

"When I read the story, I went to the trustees about possibly working with the schools to paint a few of our plows," Kamerer said. "I’m really happy with the turnout and how the plows look. The feedback from the community has been positive. Many people have stopped to get a picture in front of the plow blade. We’d like to do the same project again next year," he said.

Kamerer said the heavy wet snow of last weekend did remove some of the paint on the plows. He said he told the art teachers that the paint would probably be off of the plows by the end of the season.

The art students worked with five art teachers to plan, design and complete the painting. The township parked the snow plows at the school and the students went out to paint during their regular art classes. Tobin said the trucks arrived in October and the district kept the blades tarped to protect the work from the weather.

"This project had several learning components. First, the students experienced working with another entity to get a project completed. They also learned about the importance of the plows and how the township uses them to take care of the roads and the community. The project also shows the students how they may have helped make residents smile and provide a positive moment during the winter months," Tobin said.

He said he hasn’t seen one of the plows on the road yet but some of his staff have seen them. Trustees President John Arnold said he saw one plowing in his neighborhood over the weekend snow storm.

"The plows look great and we are happy with the results of the what the students did," Arnold said. "While all of the plows looked great I’d have to say my favorite was the 'Think Warm Thoughts' that had Olaf the snowman on it from 'Frozen.' This was a fun, friendly project for everyone involved. Anytime we can partner with the school district is a win-win. It’s important to the township and to the residents that we see the district succeed," he said.