Springfield High School graduate and Army Maj. Michael Kelvington brought national attention to his quest to get an Afghan translator and his family to America.

Kelvington has good news to report on his "Save Dave" campaign, as Dave and his family will be Buckeyes and, after a long and tedious process, will be settling in the Akron area.

Now, Kelvington said he needs a little help from the area to get the family settled.

Kelvington spoke to the Springfield High School students in May about his Save Dave campaign. It focuses on the issue of Afghan translators being promised asylum in the United States, but now that troops have largely being pulled out of Afghanistan, that aslylum is being delayed or denied.

Kelvington's own translator, Dave (not his real name) and his family, have been targeted by the Taliban. Kelvington said he believes Dave's help kept his men alive and now Kelvington is fulfilling his promise to do the same for Dave and his family, before they are killed by the Taliban.

At this time, Kelvington said they are entering the final stage of Dave's family's resettlement.

"While this remains a dangerous time for his family, we are excited at the prospects of receiving word any day they are boarding a plane for the U.S.," Kelvington said. "We are also pleased to announce they will be settled near our friends and family in Akron.  

It is not known, at this time, when the family will arrive. Kelvington is sending out a call for action to anyone who would like to continue to show their support for Dave and his family and "let them know how much we appreciate his almost six years of service to American Soldiers in combat."

There are five ways that people can help:

- Purchase an item from this link to help get them settled in their Ohio apartment (similar to a wedding registry that covers basic essentials): http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c4faba72ea4fb6-donate

- Items can either be collected in person at a later date in the local Akron area or dropped/delivered to Kelvington Auto Service, 2234 Newton Street, Akron, OH, 44305.

- Donate monetarily to the family's GoFundMe page (which has a goal or $10,000 to help Dave and his family purchase additional needs, such as prepping for winter, educational needs and establishing an emergency fund): www.gofundme.com/save4dave 

- Donate to the non-profit No One Left Behind: http://www.nooneleft.org

- Kelvington said even if somebody can't contribute financially, they can do a part by sharing the links and posting them on social media.

"We want to ensure we follow through with the most important part of Dave's family's next phase, getting them properly integrated into their new country, new community, and new American family," Kelvington said. "This would not have been possible without generous contributions in the form of time, emails, letters, and prayers." 

He said he is looking forward to being reunited with Dave soon, and hopefully sharing a meal with them in Ohio for their first Thanksgiving in the US. 

"I can think of no better way to welcome them to the U.S. than to show them our love, appreciation, and support during their exciting yet difficult transition," Kelvington said.