JACKSON TWP.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and is a time that local organizations and medical centers bring extra attention of the need for continued research to find a cure for breast cancer. Two local organizations are joining together to do their part in raising awareness and money to help those affected by breast cancer.

The Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation is partnering with Atrium OB/GYN, of Jackson Township, to raise money so that the Foundation can continue to help individuals and families battling breast cancer. Mary Beddell and her brother, David, founded the organization in memory of their mother who lost her life to breast cancer. Beddell said Atrium has made a year-long commitment to raising money to help the foundation continue its good works.

"The Foundation is partnering with Atrium, who is one of the leading providers for women’s health issues to be the main beneficiary of their fundraising efforts for the year," Beddell said. "They’ve been holding various fundraisers throughout the year such as bake sales and they raffled off a day off with their employees. Our Foundation keeps all the money raised to help local families and Atrium sees the value in keeping the money local."

The Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation helps families in Northeast Ohio who are battling the financial constraints with the fight against breast cancer. It has granted $150,000 to date to local families.

Referrals come from the Cleveland Clinic, Aultman, the American Cancer Society, The Susan G. Komen Foundation and by word-of-mouth.

"We have been able to help families get caught up on their medical bills, pay for prescription drugs, assist with getting up-to-date with utility bills, help with gas money for out of town appointments and we have helped with home repairs at times," Beddell said. "Our main goal is to give individuals and families hope, remind them that they aren’t alone and help lessen their load so they can focus on getting healthy."

Beddell said the organization holds two fundraisers every year including a 5K run in June and a Wind Chime Ball in February. The two fundraisers together raised $50,000 last year. She said it helps to partner with other organizations for a number of reasons.

Partnering with Atrium can help the Foundation raise money but it can also be a resource to find more people to help. Plus, it builds awareness for the need of more research.

There is an application process when asking the Foundation for help. The website, www.josettememorial.org has all the details.

"Thankfully, we have been able to help everyone who has applied for assistance," Beddell said. "We are only limited by how much we can help each applicant. The Foundation’s five board members look at each application and then one of us will call the applicant to see how we can help."